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Courtesie has a large network of experienced, native (sworn) interpreters, specialised in a wide range of disciplines. Whether it is about introducing new products, entering foreign markets, entering into joint ventures or setting up local branches, our interpreters will help you ensure that your personal contacts are essential and successful.

Courtesie distinguishes three different types of interpreters:

The whisper interpreter

A whisper interpreter translates (whispers) while the speaker is talking. So, the speaker can continue talking and the listener can follow what is being said as the conversation unfolds. This style of interpreting is often used by notaries for a deed transfer or in other small meetings.

The simultaneous interpreter

This type of interpreting takes place in a separate room, with translation taking place at the same time as the words are spoken in the foreign language. It is often used at congresses and large meetings where live translation is required. Interpreting equipment is required including headsets, microphones and/or an interpreting booth.

The consecutive interpreter

Here the interpreter translates (in summary) what is said every time the speaker pauses briefly. The interpreter translates orally and alternates with the speaker(s). A consecutive interpreter is often used to interpret meetings, conversations, court hearings and guided tours.

Business Interpreters

A Courtesie business interpreter not only helps you translate the conversation, but also ‘reads’ the conversation in order to place verbal and non-verbal communication in the right context. Business interpreters have a feeling for the cultural nuances and help you successfully conclude meetings, conversations and difficult negotiations.

Our multilingual business interpreters also help you prepare thoroughly for your meeting or conversation. Attention is, for instance, paid to the appropriate manners, such as meet-and-greet protocols, to ensure a good first impression and a successful completion of the meeting.

Court and notarial interpreters

A sworn interpreter is required in court if the parties are multilingual and do not understand each other sufficiently. The sworn interpreter has a legal background and can translate from one language to the other and vice versa – when cross examination, for example, is taking place. This is often handled consecutively, but can sometimes also be simultaneous translation, which occasionally requires interpreting equipment. In-depth legal knowledge is, of course, required.

The same applies to notarial conveyancing. Parties who do not understand each other sufficiently in a common language must be assisted by an interpreter, preferably a sworn interpreter.

Congress interpreters

Multilingual interpreters are often required at larger meetings, congresses or seminars. For every theme, we have the right interpreter. You use a headset, select an available language and then you hear the interpreter’s translation, taking place simultaneously with the presentation. Interpreting equipment is always necessary for this type of interpreting. We have expert interpreters for every discipline and sector, so that you, or an accompanying client, can fully appreciate a congress or any other occasion in any language!

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